Monday, January 30, 2012

New classes, group ride and upcoming events

There is so much going on with FreeWheels! We have two new classes starting this week, events over Spring Break, and news from this weekend's group ride.

New classes

We are trying to reach more kids in Kansas City, and getting some awesome feedback! We are building an awesome group of cyclists at Rosedale Middle School:

And some of those guys are even helping teach others how to repair bikes:

We are also starting a class this week at Grandview Presbyterian, with the help of Catholic Charities referrals, photos coming soon!

Group rides!

Having a chance for kids to come back and stay involved with FreeWheels, get exercise and see the city is probably the best part of FreeWheels! Check out Bryan and one of the kids taking the lane on Southwest Boulevard:

For some reason, every picture I took is of everyone's back:

It didn't matter, because by the time we had ridden 25 miles through the River Market, Cliff Drive, 18th and Vine and the Crossroads, we were all too exhausted to do anything besides chill out and eat anyway:

These group rides are a ton of fun, and it would be great to do them more often (even once a week?). Join us so we can offer more rides for these kids. We are already getting faster and stronger, but need more chances and routes. Join us!

Speaking of which...

Upcoming events!

Rosedale Middle School class: Monday afternoons, 3:00 p.m. at the school. We have a great group of kids at RMS, and I hope we can get rid of some more bikes!

Grandview Park Presbyterian class: (go here)

This class is going to be really diverse and hopefully get a whole new group of kids into cycling in KCK! Come hang out with us on Wednesday afternoons!

We are also planning some awesome events for Spring Break:

Group ride: Saturday, March 10

Route TBA

Group Mountain bike trip! Wednesday, March 14.

Group PIZZA ride! Saturday, March 17.

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