Saturday, April 28, 2012

It was just one of those days....

What a morning!  It was 65 degrees, the perfect mix of sun and clouds, not too windy. The type of weather that makes every Kansas Citian want to go have a picnic on the Nelson lawn, and as any FreeWheels kid will tell you, it feels sooo good to spread out under the Shuttlecocks after you've ridden your bike there from KCK.  We had a great ride out there, and a lot of fun walking around taking pictures of all the art in the Sculpture Garden.  Take a look!

Weekend group rides are such a great way to get out and experience different parts of Kansas City by bike. We've gone to Riverfront Park, the Plaza, Cliff Drive, Turner, and many other gems.  You don't want to miss out on getting to know the awesome kids who have graduated, or the cool things we get to see and do. Join us every Saturday at 10 am!

FreeWheels is counting down the days until Summer Break, when we will have week-long bike camps, more mountain bike trips (remember this?), and hopefully test out racing.  Contact us to see how you can get involved, or check out our page on how you can donate funds and supplies for all the extra activities we have planned.

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