Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Group riding, race practice and trailer building

We are digging the little break in classes, but FreeWheels graduates are still working and playing hard!  Our Saturday group rides are a ton of fun, especially when we can get out on some new routes!

The FreeWheels crew has turned into some awesome vehicular cyclists, just look at how relaxed these folks are on Southwest Boulevard!

Pretending we are on the Stelvio.  This is what De Gendt would look like on BMX bike!

I was told that I had to put this on the website!  His backpack sure is awesome, though...

Eventually we got off the busy streets and after a very nice ride down Gillham, ended up watching some Greek tragedy on the steps of the Nelson.  I have no idea what was happening, but they kept crying out to Zeus.

Obviously these kids are more serious patrons of the theater than myself.

Our next class is coming up, starting NEXT WEEK!  Thank you to everyone who has donated online, keep it up!  Think of donating to cycling in KC like voting in Chicago, do it early and often!

We are still doing a bunch of programming during the week, as well.  If you want to ride with us on Saturdays or meet the awesome race team (read: leaders and future presidents) on Tuesdays, let us know!

On a last note, FreeWheels finally has an awesome bike trailer to tote bikes around!  This bad boy carries five bikes and goes 0 to 10 mph in five minutes, with a tailwind.  Look for it cruising around town!

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