Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Racing and summer classes

Hey y'all, we need donations like CRAZY.  We have a ton of summer classes teetering on the edge right now, help us give bikes to all the kids who have been contacting us!  Look just a little to the right and down.  $30 gets a bike to a kid, along with a helmet, lock and tools.  $60 pays for us to repair two bikes.  Lots of FreeWheels graduates take them home to their siblings, and your help gives whole families bikes!

Also, FreeWheels racing is off to an awesome start!  We've had a couple of fast racing practices, building up our store of road bikes, and more importantly we have done a TON of service to the community!

Between the Frank Rushton Bike Rodeo, the Bike-in Movie and Tour de Brew, the race crew has spent 21 hours helping others just in the last couple of weeks!  You guys RULE!  Stay tuned for more awesome news on the totally-awesome-leaders front!

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