Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New class and group ride!

Group Rides

This Saturday's group ride will leave from Huron Park after a short graduation ceremony for new graduates (see below).  We will meet at the park at 9:00 a.m., congratulate the graduates, and leave on two separate bike rides, one short and leisurely, one longish and fastish..  Stay tuned for routes!

Registration is open for our big fall fundraiser/party/hill extravaganza!  This ride will be fully supported, SAG stops, the works.  And it's some freaking beautiful routes!  Sign up in advance for a discount!

Last week

Wow!  We had a ton of riders on Saturday!  Thank you, volunteers, thank you KCKPD!  The kids had a ton of fun, were serious troopers about the heat, and even followed traffic rules like champs!

New Class!

This week we've been in Argentine, working with kids who have been attending the Imagine Argentine summer camp at the Franklin Center (yes, the abandoned and boarded-up Franklin Center).  The Franklin Center is well on the way to becoming a vibrant part of the community once again!  In the meantime, we are repairing bikes like crazy there.

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