Friday, July 20, 2012

Wrapping up a class, starting another!

Class update

Kids were replacing bottom brackets, rebuilding hubs, truing wheels, replacing cables and chains, repacking headsets and doing an incredible job all over! I think the best part of the week was seeing kids helping each other.  I actually had to tell a few awesome graduates to stop helping others and fix their own bike! Others finished their bikes quickly and worked to teach others the lessons they had to offer.  I am truly impressed with these folks.   

We've repaired TONS of bikes, for kids in the community and for the (almost) newly minted Master Mechanics.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we worked hard to repair bikes for others, and the storage room is full to bursting with our efforts.  Thursday and Friday we worked hard to build the best bikes we could for ourselves.  Tomorrow is our graduation ceremony at ReThink Energy!  This has been such an awesome class!  

Bike donations

Speaking of repairing (and giving away) a ton of bikes, we are running out!  We would like to keep offering classes in Northeast KCK, but we are out of bikes!  We need kids' bikes and adult-size bikes.  24" and 26" mountain bikes are our bread and butter, please check your garage and attic for these! Donation info is here.

If your business or organization is interested in hosting a bike drive, let us know!  A bike drive is a great, low-cost way to increase your visibility and help out the community.  We love our business partners!

New class!  
We are so excited to partner with Youthfront, a ministry with decades of experience helping kids in Kansas City.  Youthfront is hosting a community camp in Argentine, in the formerly-an-abandoned-eyesore-and-crime-magnet-but-now-a-totally-awesome-community-center Franklin Center.  We will be at 14th and Metropolitan (yes, right at the bottom of the utterly terrifying 14th Street hill)

It's going to be an awesome week, come help out or donate some bikes!

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