Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Class and a bike rodeo!

Bike Rodeos!

KCK Kids Traveling Safely, an awesome event put on by Healthy Communities Wyandotte this weekend was an awesome success!  A ton of kids got back on their bikes and learned some valuable safety skills in Safetyville, a traffic simulation in the Indian Springs parking lot.

THese kinds of events are much shorter than a regular FreeWheels class, but they reach a ton of people and give young kids a chance to learn bike safety in a fun way.

It also gives some kids a chance to learn repair skills and feel the rush of empowerment from fixing their own bike and bikes for others. This guy repaired bikes all morning and helped us out a TON.

We plan to start having bike rodeos in conjunction with our Earn-a-Bike classes so the graduates can see where their repaired bikes go, younger kids can have safety training with their new bikes, and we can reach more families in KCK.  Help us out by donating, spreading the word or volunteering at these events in Spring 2013!

New Class

We keep meeting kids who know a ton about bikes! Our latest class at ReThink Energy is full of kids truing wheels, completely rebuilding their bikes, fixing broken spokes, and doing some amazing work with their bikes!

Master Mechanics at work!

FreeWheels has had an incredible 2012 so far, and 2013 looks to just get better and better! Contact us if you'd like to help out.  We are planning bike drives and fundraisers for the fall, if your workplace/school/church can help, please contact us!

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