Friday, December 14, 2012

Bike drive tomorrow(!) and news

We'll be collecting bikes all day tomorrow!  Come by and drop off your unused bikes! Mention Yoga Tree and get a coupon for a free class!  The Trek Store also donated 100 water bottles and 10% off coupons, so show up early for a free water bottle and a good deal on bike accessories (the perfect Christmas present for the spandex-wearer in your life).  Most importantly, though, your bike will find a new life with a kid in Kansas City.  

Even if you don't have a bike to donate, you can help us by donating online.  It costs about $30 for us to teach a kid how to repair a bike, repair it and then teach her to ride safely around her city. We gave away about 150 bikes in 2012 and plan to give away even more in 2013, help us!  


Get used to pictures like this, y'all:

Some of those donated bikes will find a new home in Rosedale! FreeWheels just received $1000 from the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 75th and Nieman (anybody else noticing the Shawnee-is-awesome theme lately?), so we can start our very first Bike Club! RMS is very close to the new trails at Roanoke Park, some new trails are very likely in the works right behind the school.  Rosedale Middle is about to be the first school in Kansas City to offer bicycling as an extra-curricular activity, and we couldn't be more excited!  I mean, check out the look on these guys' faces:

Kansas City Live!

I don't know how to embed the video, but FreeWheels made the news (again)! Check out this interview about what we do on Channel 41's Kansas City Live.

FreeWheels for Kids teaches bike safety and repair to at-risk Kansas City kids

Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated bikes, donated time or money or space or helped us empower kids! FreeWheels doesn't charge children or families for any services, and your generosity has allowed us to reach hundreds of families in our first year!

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