Monday, January 7, 2013

Sponsor a FreeWheels student!

As we get geared up (pun intended) to start 2013 programming at the Bethel Neighborhood Center, Rosedale Middle School, Mission Adelante and Grandview Park Presbyterian, we need your help to sponsor our students!  Please check out our donations page and help us bring cycling to Kansas City kids!  It only costs about $30 to bring leadership opportunities, healthy lifestyles and, of course a bike to each student. Your donations allow us to go on mountain bike trips, rides to Kansas City landmarks, to buy helmets, tools and supplies and to give at-risk kids the healthiest alternative.  

Do you remember your first "real" bike?  Maybe it was a Schwinn 10-speed that you rode far, far from home. Maybe it was a rigid mountain bike that you ran off jumps until the fork broke.  Mine was a hybrid that I rode all over Kansas City, until, yes, the fork broke. 

Every cyclist has that memory, and FreeWheels works hard to give that experience to the next generation of cyclists. Our Earn-a-Bike classes give kids 12 and up the chance to learn bike repair, learn bike safety and become part of our Ride Clubs. They also get that first real bike: 

The next classes start the last week of January, at the Bethel Neighborhood Center and Grandview Park Presbyterian. We are very excited to bring cycling to a whole new group of kids, help us do that!

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