Sunday, November 6, 2011

Master Mechanics, Volunteer Opportunity and a Video!

The class in the West Bluffs is wrapping up, and it's really impressive how much the kids have learned. This Saturday youth had a chance to repair bikes for themselves and had to overcome all kinds of crazy hurdles to do so!

One student had to true his wheel, learning how the spokes lace to a hub and control the rim.

One student overhauled his grip shifters and learned how to carefully troubleshoot each part of a full suspension bike, including adjusting the shocks to his weight.

Students had to overhaul the freewheel in a small child's bike, keeping track of seemingly hundreds of tiny, greasy parts and carefully reassembling them.

Good job guys!

Also, from the deep, dark archives of I-didn't-know-it-was-on-youtube:

This was a class we did in the spring and features the little punks who invented FreeWheels and made me find them bikes to wrench on. Check it out!

Also, the class at Rosedale Middle School starts next Monday, 3 pm. If you can volunteer, please let me know!

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