Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ballbarians, BikeMobile and Christmas Gift Wrapping

Class update

Thank you to everyone who has been volunteering and getting their hands dirty with the kids! Thank you as well to everyone who donated bikes for the class. The kids have really learned a lot and are excited to get new bikes!

Tomorrow we start working on the bikes the kids will ride home, which is very exciting! There's nothing like New Bike Day. It's a wonderful day, even in the cold. (Hopefully it will be nice for our group ride...) This guy is excited about New Bike Day:

The best part of New Bike Day is that we will finally be done chasing down and cleaning and scrubbing and generally spending a lot of time on all the "ballbarians" in our bikes. Alright!

Bike Nerdery
Speaking of New Bike Day, FreeWheels now has an official BikeMobile:

Watch out for this behemoth on KC's streets! The bikemobile (TrekMobile?( can carry all the tools and supplies for FreeWheels classes, leaving the gashog former-bikemobile at home where it belongs. When you see me spinning very, very slowly up Rainbow Boulevard, just imagine all the tools and chains and pedals and seats and ballbarians in the panniers.

Christmas Fundraiser!

Macy's of Prairie Village has given us an awesome opportunity to raise some money for FreeWheels! Every year, local nonprofits and community groups come and wrap gifts and keep the proceeds.

Please come help us out on Sunday, December 18; Wednesday the 21st and Thursday the 22nd. We will be wrapping gifts from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Come by and hang out with other FreeWheels volunteers and get to know some new folks for an hour or two! (Or, you know, five.)

Hopefully we can make it fun and raise enough money to support some more classes in 2012! (Stay tuned for new sites!)

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