Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bike drive and weekend ride

It happens to every cyclist.  You're just riding along, enjoyin a shady boulevard and a beautiful day, when all of the sudden, you hear somethin behind you.  Toenails clattering on the pavement, barking, snarling!  Not one, not two but THREE dogs chasing you!

What do you do?!  Not what we did this morning, that's for sure!  Don't kick at them, or do a u-turn to get away, or try and swerve around them.  (Sadly, none of this is on video, although one of the kids says we could've been a funniest home video if it were.)
After a few minutes of total chaos (everyone kept their shoes, thankfully), we regrouped and talked about better ways to deal with dogs.  Yelling back, barking back and spraying water are all good ways to send a dog running back home.  Above all, don't panic!  Dogs rarely bite cyclists, but knock people over all the time, and you are likely to get hurt by simply crashing into a curb or a Cadillac trying to swerve away.  Hold your line and hightail it out of there!

Bike Drive

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Mission Art Walk last night to hang out with us!  We had a full load of donated bikes that are already at the Turner House in Kansas City, KS waiting for next week's class!  We accept donations all the time at our programming and events, at Volker Bicycles on 39th  and at the Medicine Shoppe on 103rd in Overland Park.

Thank you for your support!  We couldn't do it without you!

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