Friday, July 13, 2012

Mountain bike day, bike drive TONIGHT and new class next week!

Mountain biking at SMP!

Boy, it's a good thing Lee Trotter and Josh Powell came to the trails yesterday, because I am TERRIBLE at trail riding!  Check out these dudes all ready to go, waiting for my dropped self to catch up:

To everybody who missed out on MTB day, be ready, cause these guys are not fooling around!  (It's ok, you can always ride in the straggler's group with me.) We rode the orange and purple loops, multiple times.  I don't even like to run on the purple loop, and these kids took to it like pros!

Every once in a while I would actually be able to see the group dropping me:

I wish I had taken a picture of how we and our bikes were all one uniform brownish-gray dust color when we left the woods.  Gettin' dirty!


We will be at the Mission Art Walk TONIGHT 5:00-9:00 p.m., collecting used bikes and donations, tuning up bikes pro bono publico, and generally talking up FreeWheels!  (map)  Come say hello, check out some awesome local art, get rid of those bikes in your garage and help support kids' cycling in KC!

New Class next week!

Monday is the first day of the future of cycling in Northeast KCK!  If you want to register your child age 12-18, the forms are here.  Print this off (the downtown library is a great place to do so), fill it out, and bring it to ReThink Energy today for a guaranteed spot or at 9:00 a.m. on Monday.  Class space is limited, so turn it in ASAP!  

Thank you! 

Thank you to folks who have been donating online, YOU are the reason we can offer these classes.  FreeWheels is funded entirely by individual donations, and we put it all to work offering the best programs we can.  Thank you!  If you haven't helped us give a kid their very own bike, you can learn about donations here.

PS, did I mention that we were on the news yesterday?  Thank you, Fox 4!

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