Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rosedale Success!

Greetings fine friends of FreeWheels for Kids! I'm Amanda and it's my delight to give you an update on our happenings at Rosedale Middle School. I've had the opportunity to work with students here for the second semester and while I still feel like I'm learning the ins and outs of bicycle maintenance it's been fun to work with so many different kids.

This week we finished up our Earn-A-Bike class and the students were so excited to have their graduation from the program. I'm pretty sure they were most excited for the flashing lights that went on their bikes. Even though the snow was still on the ground in many areas they were also ecstatic to get outside and ride their newly earned bicycles. Complete with new helmets, lights, and water bottles we hit the streets for a first ride. While we decided to keep it close to the school, we did embrace a little off-roading on some local trails located on Mission Cliffs. They busted through the snow and mud and thoroughly impressed me with their eagerness for adventure. Even the brand new kicks that one student was proudly wearing didn't stop her from leading the group through the rugged terrain. Quite honestly, I'm pumped for more trail riding with the seven students in our bike club at RMS.

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