Monday, March 23, 2015

Ready to Ride

Gearing up to hit the road...
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Let the Adventures Begin!
We are almost done with Earn-A-Bike, finishing up on our own bike repairs and are so pumped to get out there and start riding together! We have two more sessions left for bike repairs and adjustments. Then we will spend a couple of session learning bike safety and rules of the road before we actually get out there and start riding. The warm weather is calling our names and we are all so excited to get out there and enjoy it. We will be riding through the kids' neighborhoods identifying areas needing improvement, and venturing out even further, taking 10-15 mile rides throughout the community, to enjoy nature, the local landscape and fresh air. I could not be more proud of how far our kids have come and all the hard work and dedication they have put into the program thus far.
--Kelly McCollum, Bike Club Coordinator

We want to extend a special thanks to

for donating hundreds of helmets for our students each year and  


for their continued support of our programs and initiatives! 
Upcoming Events:

Spring is prime time for our community and family events... 

FreeWheels for Kids works hard to ensure that the whole family from little sis to Mom and Dad can see cycling as a fun and healthy way to go places together. We host Saturday rides for our Bike Club kids and their families, as well as Family Build Days, where our Master Mechanics (Earn-a-Bike students) can help their family members build up a bike for themselves. If you would like to help out or join us for a ride, drop us a line at We would especially love to have volunteers with mechanic skills show up for the Family Build Days.

Saturday, April 4, 2015  -  10:00 am- Noon

Bike Club Group Ride @ Arrowhead Middle School

Saturday, April 4, 2015  -  9:00 am- 3:00 pm

Family Build Day @ Rosedale Development Association, 1403 Southwest Blvd.
On the Horizon: Let's Get Rolling

Now that the weather is nice, we are heading to M.E. Pearson Elementary to teach road safety and riding skills to our 4th and 5th grade students, during their PE class. We give special attention to those students that haven't yet mastered riding a bike and it is so rewarding when they eventually get rolling on their own! It's exciting to think that in just a couple years these students can join us for Bike Club and will be skilled and confident cyclists.

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