Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12 Newsletter

Rollin' through Spring...
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Let's Get Rolling was a Success!

This Spring at M.E. Pearson Elementary we reached 75 fourth grade students, teaching safe ride skills and even got several students rolling that hadn't been on a bike before! To conclude the session, we hosted a Bike Rodeo for our students and their families. We were able to give away 30 bikes to fourth graders and their younger siblings so they can keep practicing safe riding. All of our students received their very own helmet thanks to the generous donations from the Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City.
Earn-a-Bike Graduation

Our Earn-a-Bike students have all received their Master Mechanic certificates and as you can see we made graduation quite an affair. They wanted to throw their helmets in the air, but we decided we better keep those safe. We've got one more week of Bike Club rides, stayed tuned to hear how many miles we rode this semester!
We Need Your Help!

Did you know that even when school is out FreeWheels for Kids keeps on working? FreeWheels teaches year round but Summer is also the time for us to clean house!  This Summer we are asking volunteers to help us in these specific areas:
Bike Demolishing Party: We are lucky to have a great community that donates all the bikes we need and more for our programs. This allows us to pass along the very best to our students and community partners. However we have a few rusty frames that we need to break down and get rid of. If you have just enough skills to take apart a bike but can't put it back together this might be the opportunity for you to learn a little more. 
Computer Technology: Ok, we admit it. We can teach, ride and fix bikes like none other but we need a little help when it comes to technology. We are looking into reorganizing our networking systems and would love any help in this area.
If you would like to help us out this summer, drop us a line atvolunteer@freewheelskc.org. As always FreeWheels appreciates all the help and resources it receives from our community. If you are interested in helping but not sure how your specific skills would fit in, feel free to give us a call. I promise we'll put you to work!

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